bright new things...

my friend Lynelle has a nice new etsy shop called Bright New Things. we went to school together way back for photography. we basically lived in the darkrooms printing the old school way, black and white and color, no computers. her shop has lots of her beautiful imagery....
and lots of good vintage finds, like these rubber stamps i'm loving...
oh yeah and i should mention that lynelle is a kung fu master (what!) and has awesome sphinx cats (hairless cats!) that i've been wanting to steal from her forever!
here you can find lynelle's shop, flickr and blog
say hi to her!


  1. I just started following her blog, she is hilarious! (and apparently a bad ass. hahahaha.)

  2. Jess, you are the best! And thanks for the follow, Kate8085 - I love the tattoo work on your etsy shop!

  3. omg I love those stamps! If only I could justify getting them...! The photos are absolutely stunning<3


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