for love of daguerreotypes...

i first came to art making through photography. its a great source of inspiration for me. i found these images on flickr, which has is an endless collection of amazing images. daguerreotype images are is so compelling to me because of their age, formality and because they are objects meant to be held. most came in leather cases with velvet lining, so you'd open this object and see an image of a loved one. sometimes there was text or hair included too, so there was this full sensory experience beyond just looking. it was about remembrance and longing.

I like the details in these images in the props, clothing, hair styles and gesture.

Daguerreotype Portrait, originally uploaded by jonnyphoto.

dag3, originally uploaded by J.P. banjos.
this little girl is so amazing. look at her gloves and the way she stares back at you.

that child in the center is actually a little boy, according to the person
who posted it on flickr. it's the part of the hair that lets you know its a boy.

if you've ever seen daguerreotypes lit well they almost appear three dimensional and ghostly. i saw an exhibition at the george eastman house called, Young America, which was beautifully lit.

all of these images were goinked from the daguerrotype pool on flickr. you can find them here

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