finally sharing... pieces from Forget Me Not.
collection of you

book of hours

the opening was great- so nice to see so many people out on a freezing night to see the show! and i was really amazed by all the great work. there were so many people it was hard to photograph, but here are some of the ones i really enjoyed.... bear hug, emily katz

Reflect, Home and Spring by Shannon Rankin
these pierced paper and collage works stood out. really beautiful

these had to be my favorites. Paw prints WRRRRRR....
by Nicole Licht

samski*art in the foreground

lovely work by Diem Chau


  1. beautiful bow bee honeycomb - looking forward to seeing it Friday (sickness kept me indoors so re-do this week)

  2. how wonderful. i loved how you turned embroidery into assemblages. pure genius.

  3. Oh, I so wish I could have made it to the show! I didn't realize your work was in it too! *sigh* At least I have my very own little "miniature rhino" piece for my hubby for vday! I am so excited to give it to him! It was lovely to see you over in my neck o' the woods today! I hope the show went well!


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