"Fooled Ya Suckas" or "Bruce Campbell is an Asshole"

halloween weekend was great...
+jewish dog at the village parade

+bruce campbell is hillarious! (his movie, My Name is Bruce, not so much—go see it anyway!)
when asked at the halloween showing of his new movie what he'd like his epitaph to read he said, "Fooled Ya Suckas"

+ i had my 2nd sewing class and purl bee, which is such a beautiful store, tiny but filled with the most amazing fabrics. check them out for their blog, great projects, photos and super helpful tips and then go for a visit. i learned about the water soluble pen from them and its my best friend for embroidery now. see how nice their images are:(via purlbee.com)
+a trip to evolution

+on All Souls Day the Greenwood Cemetery had a tour lead by a Hatian Rara band...amazing! Greenwood is huge, with very old graves with great imagery and lots of history. i had no idea it existed before this day.there are tropical parrots that live in the cemetery all year long and they've been living there for 35 years! they were so noisy, but so wonderful to see...

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