Finding Time

its been a while...i'm working crazy hard trying to get my life in order right now to get my etsy store up. i finally settled on a name, thanks to the help of trusted friends, which is a big deal for an indecisive person like me. its miniature rhino, MR. i love that the initials make the perfect monogram.

+so while my roommates are out of town and its just me and the cats
i went on an organizational/design my workspace (i.e my bedroom)
binge. i felt like i absolutely could not begin my work until my space was set up.

+a not so organized work corner with many things to do.

+a bunch of the little things i've been working on.
1) train time company in the form a little red cross
2) book parts waiting to be sewn
3) the little paws of Cedar clawing another embroidery piece
4) new book cloth and thread!!

this makes me feel like i'm making mad progress but it soooooo slow going. having a full time job really kicks my ass. i'm always tired and feel like i have no time to do the things i really want to. my energy is zapped by the end of the day, but i can't wait to begin. theres still so much to do...

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