Took a trip out to Governor's Island, which is closed to cars so we got to bike all around and explore. 
It felt like a scene out of an apocalyptic movie where a handful of survivors are left in this small 
utopian village- a tiny island with no cars, families and people on bikes every where, and all the
buildings were 1950's style and empty. very surreal.

Labor Day is also when the Caribbean street fair happens in my neighborhood of Crown Heights. 
Supposedly its the biggest NY street fair and has over 3 million! participants. It was crazy packed, 
loud and out of control. The night before the fair I was woken up at 5am by the the far off sound of 
an all night party. I looked out the window and people were all dressed up walking around like it 
was 5 in the afternoon making their way to and from the next street over where the fair and party was

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