My momma...

Hope you all had a great Mother's Day! My mom, Cici, is the pretty much the sweetest thing ever. She loves wholeheartedly, is the kindest lady you'll ever meet, and is very creative. Every time I call her she's either sewing or gardening. I always miss being with her on days like yesterday. Being so far from my family is the worst part of loving living in NY. I always feel split in two.

Missing my mom (my dad & grandparents everyday, who all left us this past year. Holidays are hard. ) so much made me think of a good day we had together when I was home last. Her little bird, Corky, needed his wings clipped so we went to the local bird shop. My mom was so excited to share this store with me, because she knew I'd love all the little toys and bird decor. 

This baby African Grey is not Corky, but so very cute. 

What did you do for mother's day? Do any of you live far away from your family too?

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