DIY Driftwood Mobile

This project is close to my heart.

On a birthday trip to Big Sur my mother collected pieces of driftwood. I never knew it until she pulled out the wee basket she had kept them in and asked if I wanted to make something with them. Yes! Together we made these mobiles to commemorate that great trip.

These are super easy and enjoyable to make. You can make something all your own- maybe it's small and intricate or open and minimal?  It's got a beachy, 70's macramé vibe that I'm really into. Plus every time I look at it I'm back in the sun, deep blue sky, wind blowing like crazy, with my parents & best guy, collecting shells on a beach in Big Sur ....

You need:
Driftwood pieces
Beads (optional)

  1. Layout your wood pieces & beads. You might want to take a pic with your phone, so you can remember if the pieces get mixed up.
  2. Drill holes in the wood pieces where you'd like them to hang & two holes in the topmost piece a few inches away from each other. (My mom opted to not drill her pieces & just wrapped and knotted them.)
  3. Cut a long piece of twine that will span the total length of your wood pieces. I cut mine crazy long to make sure I had enough. Lace twine through the top piece & center the twine.  Tie a knots on the bottom of the top wood piece leaving a length of about 15"- 20" in between to hang the finished piece. 
  4. Tie a knot above and below each piece to help keep them in place. 
  5. Add some weight to the tail ends of your twine with heavy beads to help the wood pieces not to tilt. 
  6. Hang & enjoy!

My mom made the one on the right, above. It's huge and roomy, with little pops of beaded color. I love seeing mine (left) hanging in my house everyday. It's filled with great memories....

Hope you'll give this a try!


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