Renegade Brooklyn: what I got

Our Renegade Brooklyn finds....Stone & Honey (triangle necklace and ring) // Acorn and Archer (ouija wood ring)

Our Renegade Brooklyn finds....Pouches & Plush. Top row: Fabric Horse  Middle row: demploi Bottom row: Coral & Tusk, Yellow Heart Art

Our Renegade Brooklyn finds....Giant Dwarf  //  Love, Daniella  adding this spoon to my collection // Coral & Tusk will stuff these little feathers in my letters

Our Renegade Brooklyn finds....Huntington Base Ball Co.  //  Random Objects  //  vitrified studio

Our Renegade Brooklyn finds....
paper cat doll by Jordan Grace Owens

So excited that this year I took some time to walk, more like run, around Renegade Brooklyn and support some fellow makers. It's so big I still missed a bunch of people I really wanted to see. Most of the time I buy gifts for others, but this year I really treated myself. The jewelry from Teresa of Stone & Honey was my favorite purchase. Isn't it nice to meet the person who hand made the thing you've been wanting for awhile?! 

Jeremy got the pouches, pottery and baseball bat. He's a big into ceramics- you should see his collection! (hummm, future blog post!) And the bat really surprised me- we don't play, but he was so impressed by the maker, it's quality, and it reminded him of the early days of baseball. It's a nostalgic thing, but he swears he'll use it. We'll see...

Did you get anything from Renegade?!!

pssst... I've got a really big announcement I'll be making next Monday, just sayin. So check in then, ok?! ok!


  1. So many great purchases! I loved Coral & Tusk and almost bought something from her, but couldn't decide and didn't end up with anything. I love seeing what other's faves were!

  2. I'm excited about this announcement! What could it be??

  3. I'm in love with that cat paper doll! And the ouija ring, how cool! What great finds!

  4. omg, that cat paper doll loosk just like my little kittie! Love it


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