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1. Highlight of last week was the 5 Boroughs Ladies Arm Wrestling charity event where I cheered like a crazy fool for my friend Julie aka Nancy Drew Blood. I had no voice the next day. Accordions, a Glocktopus, burlesque dancers, ladies arm wrestling for their lives, dance offs- you gotta find an event near you and go!
2. We carted a bunch of stuff to donate to the Goodwill. On our long, slow walk I kept noticing building details, I love exploring my neighborhood.
3. Love my boy friends new old vintage shoulder bag.
4. Got a bunch of fresh zodiac fabric to make a bunch of kits and prepare for Renegade.
5. Eps! Yesterday I went to an all Etsy Martha Stewart show. Everyone in the audience was an Etsy seller and they featured lots of Etsy goods.
6. Each seller brought an item they made to the show to share. This Ring Bearer Hoop was what I brought.

Hope you're having a great week!!

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