Martha Stewart Etsy Show...

I was a lucky lady last (you like what I did there?) Monday when I went to an all Etsy Martha Stewart show taping. The show airs tomorrow, April 26th at 10 am on the Hallmark channel. Tune in, you may see my arm or something as they panel the audience, but probably not. I was sitting to the very far right, third row- no man's land for the camera pans.

Martha Stewart Etsy Show

The audience was made up of all Etsy sellers in a sea of bright, colorful outfits. We were all asked to bring something from our shops. At one point Martha was walking around the audience at the floor level and everyone was holding up their wares hoping to be spotted- wish I had stopped to take a picture of that!

I brought a wedding embroidery piece I just finished and sitting next to me was Virginia, who brought some prints...

Martha Stewart Etsy Show

One of my favorites parts of a MS taping (this is my 2nd, and last. Did you know the show is ending?) is the audience prep with the hilarious Joey Kola. Here he's telling us we have goodies to look forward to, lots of free stuff, hence the double wink...

Martha Stewart Etsy Show
And besides a fun all Etsy show, they took everyone in the audience's photo with their item, and gave us lots of crafty stuff. I got a polymer clay book by Jessica Partain, who was featured on the show making insanely cute miniature clay food jewelry, a few polymer clays too, MS paints, giant MS stencils, and some MS paint related items.

It's always nice to be in the midst of my crafty community, say hi to old friends I only see at craft shows, and to see the behind the scenes of the MS show....

Lights, camera, action at the Martha Stewart show....

If you have the Hallmark channel check out the Etsy show (April 26th at 10 am)...


  1. Yay! SO glad you posted this! Our shop is suppose to be mentioned - specifically our canvas teepees. Anyway, looks like so much fun! What a bright happy audience you ETSY folk are.


    1. Yes, you & your family have a really cute feature! They show a photograph and one of your awesome teepees. SO exciting! I bet you're going to get lots of traffic from it- congrats!!

  2. Love your pictures as always! Just linked to this from my facebook page.

  3. Omg - you make the canvas tee pee - so adorable!


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