my lately...

week 3.5.2012

1. Making little sweet love notes.
2. I gots my hrrr did! I've wanted to rock a shaved side for.ever. Finally, just up and did it. Still getting used to it- feels so weird.
3. A trip to the Rubin Museum. This was my favorite piece of the current show, Modernist Art from India. Those colors and that red wall! I also have baby brain right now so...
4. Every weekend I think, "What should I do?" And I know I should clean, or do laundry, or something responsible, but somehow sweets & NY always win. This week, Dunwell Donuts & tea then the book store.
5. Spent many hours at Kinokuniya just browsing Japanese craft books- love their aesthetic. I also got a bunch of paper & stationary goods to make a little care package for my mom.
6. I did get in some Sunday cleaning, but instead of feeling accomplished I just feel like a hoarder. I've got so much stuff: mounds of paper, vintage this & thats, acorns, rocks, fabric, threads, and so much random stuff. Halp!

Best part of my weekend was just being lazy at home. Jeremy made some  no bake cookies and we just hung out. I'm such a homebody. What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend. Especially the donut part!

    The best part of my weekend was taking Cors (dog) for a walk and letting him jump in all the muddy puddles because he looks so happy when he gets to do that.

    The least fav might be puppy bathtime although it is pretty just as hilarious as it is annoying :)

    1. Jessica, I love hearing about Cors! He's so damn cute, with those teeny, tiny legs. So imagining him jumping in puddles is hilarious. Need to see a video of that!


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