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on photography day...
library file cards

Spent the sunny afternoon hours photographing some items for the shop yesterday. I really enjoy planning a shoot, styling the images and pulling props from around the house. Between my boyfriend and I, we have our own mini prop house. I always like the moment where the mess I've made becomes a lovely tableau. I find it so hard to create randomness, but if I step back from my work there it is...

behind the scenes 3.13.2012
library catalog cards
Glass vial charm storage
Arizona mini collection

I'll be offering up blank library catalog cards and glass vials I use as storage for crafty bits and our travel collections. They'll come with a set of label stickers too!

Funny how my offerings here are all about collecting and storing. I like the idea of creating a personal archive. I'll have these ready by the end of the week. I'm not sure about the quantities I'll offer as these are really destash items. What do you think? 25 cards in a pack, or more? Bottles in sets of 3 or 5? I'd love to hear!

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  1. These are lovely! I would think 25 cards in a pack would be good, and I like the look of those 5 bottles lined up in the photo, so I'd lean toward suggesting 5?


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