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I've become totally obsessed with instagram lately. When I have some time to kill, I like to check in on my feed and see what people are up to all over the world at that exact moment. It's fun to see a peak into peoples lives and the filters make the pictures so visually stunning.  I thought it'd be fun to share my past week in instagrams...

1. J got me the Thin Man box set for valentine's day. We've been making our way through the movies, which makes it feel like a fun extension of v-day. Everyday's the 14th!
2. Banjo vogue-ing! aka beggin for food. FEED ME!
3. We started meal planning, which has helped me to cook more. Here's a (vegan) hamburger pie on my eat your heart out plate.
4. This is my "Hey girl,...." pic. You add the rest, like "Hey girl, lets just stay in tonight and cuddle" or.....?
5. Embroidery thread heaven.
6. Apparently, anything is a cat bed in my casa.
7. Organized my entry way this weekend. Less clutter = more happy.
8. B & B, Brunch and Balderdash
9. I make stars. Lots & lots of embroidery kits being assembled this week.

You can find me @miniaturerhino and through followgram. Followgram is great for browsing instagram on your computer. Are you on instagram?

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