wish i was a moon beaver...

...but really, who doesn't?

100% Checked detail

Purr Chase 2008

I shared Tilleke Schwarz's embroidery work in my Squam classes, which went so well (thank you to those who took my class & were so enthusiastic!).  So grateful for the experience, for some time in the woods surrounded by creative people, and for a break from the city.  I got back yesterday from my New Hampshire retreat, but I'm still processing everything and will have lots of photographs to share by next week for sure. 

I'm jumping right into Renegade Brooklyn prep now, which is fast approaching this weekend, June 11 & 12th.  You must check out the inspiring insanity that is renegade!  All this week while I prepare I'll be day dreaming of NH trees and sitting by the lake as I crank out the craftiness in my studio.... 


  1. I also wish I was a moon beaver. Good idea.

  2. Ha! This is awesome. It makes me think how cool it would be for kids to embroider.

  3. thanks,


    Moon and Beaver are two names on a road sign near Pittsburgh

    1. You're so welcome Tilleke. Thanks for the inspiration!


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