A few weeks ago I took a macramé class with Renata Abbade in a beautiful, sun filled studio. It was the first day in New York that really felt like spring to me, so it was wonderful to gather with people and learn something new. I loved learning the knots and a little bit about the history and meaning of them too. We finished half the piece in class and I worked on it a bit last night. I'm almost finished and excited to see it all done, and hanging with plants nestled inside.

I'm excited to make more macrame pieces. It feels nostalgic to me, since I remember my mom teaching me how to do it when I was little. We worked on a wall hanging piece together that I'm sure is in a box somewhere. Now that I've had learned a bit more I'm looking forward to making a lot more and giving them away as gifts.

This class was such a treat to myself. I'm on a learning kick and taking a guitar class too!

Have you ever done macramé? I'm curious if you use patterns or just make it up as you go? We learned three knots and I'd love to beef up my knot game and make some more varied pieces.  And are there any macrame mavens I should be following? 

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