halloween forever!

I know it's been a bit since halloween, but the day after I left town for a few days and I'm just getting back to my pictures now. I love, love, love halloween, but it always seems to sneak up on me. I always have high hopes for pumpkin picking, corn mazes, halloween decorating, pie baking and elaborate costume making but yeah, that didn't happen.

I did manage to squeeze in making a Yayoi Kusama costume. She's the queen of the polka-dot & I'm totally enamored with her. I love how it all turned out! Jeremy dressed up as a skeleton, and we went to dinner. It was so, so fun to walk around NYC on halloween night with so many people dressed up. The Empire State Building was even lit up like a giant pumpkin.

Here's to holding on the autumn & halloween for as long as we can! Hope you had a great one. I'd love to hear how you celebrated!!

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  1. Wow!! Excellent costume you totally pulled it off. I love her art! I'm actually living in Japan right now and saw her pink boat at an exhibit here! I'm definitely doing this costume next halloween! Love love love it!


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