Treats from Italy....

When ever Jeremy travels for work he brings me home a little something. It's usually paper goods. True fact, whenever I go to another country beside soaking up the food and culture I always have to visiting the local stationery store.

This Italian haul was so good I had to share! Gummed labels, a deck of Dog Tarot cards (!), block printed cards, a cats of Italy calendar (such great pics inside!), pen ink, soap, sealing wax and spoon, and a miniature handmade book.

The tarot dog deck came from Osvaldo Menegazziwhose store looks like a cabinet of wonder. The artist makes lots of different beautiful decks. J brought back a few in gorgeous wooden boxes. The stationery came from Signum. Check out their miniature theaters!

Here are a few of my favorite dog tarot cards...

Happy Friday everyone!! I hope poodles in baskets and princely bull dogs set the tone for a great day!!


  1. Is there anything like Italian paper goods?? And oh my goodness, those tarot cards!! So awesome!

  2. gorgeous! those pups are too cute!


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