Making the connection...

Last night I had the great opportunity to meet Chad Dickerson, Etsy CEO. That kind of sounds weird right? When do we ever meet CEOs? Especially, of a business that so greatly impacts my daily life. It was a surreal moment to tell him that Etsy has been a launch pad for my creative business and that definitely includes my book, Stitched Gifts. I gave him a Stitched Gifts postcard and felt so very proud.

Last nights event was held at the Tenement Museum (one of my favorite places to take out of town guests) to highlight their new exhibition Shop Life, all about small businesses on the LES. New York is a mecca for entrepreneurship, then and today. The room was packed with Etsy sellers all running small business in NY, probably from their small NY apartments, like me! It was amazing to hear just how many Etsy sellers there are in New York City alone- I can't remember the exact number, but I'll find it for you.  It blew my mind.

Working from home I often feel disconnected from the world around me. I left the event feeling more connected to other makers, and to the work we do here in this city, which welcomes all of us determined creative weirdos with open arms. Thank you, New York! Thank you Etsy!!


  1. Last night I met the CEO of Miniature Rhino. She's a total rockstar and I'm flattered she considers me a friend. :-)

    1. Thanks friend & Hey, you're right. We're both CEOs too! Only, I'm also the janitor so....

  2. Metalicious, I met the CEO of Miniature Rhino, too! :) (and nice to meet you, too)

    Jessica, it was awesome meeting you. Congrats on your book deal. The "Product Photography for Beginners" video you worked with us on remains one of the most popular and useful videos we have ever done:

    Best wishes for more success on Etsy and beyond!



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