Stitched Gifts Inspiration II

Stitched Gifts inspiration

Photo credits (clockwise from the left): poster: unknown,  interior: unknown, textured wall: full circle images,  bottles: souvenirs du passé récent,  cyanotype: Anna Atkins,  Hindsvik vintage glass domes,  Nikole Herriottethanollie,  Skona Hem,  horseshoe: Clip Art etc.

My last mood board of Stitched Gifts inspiration was mostly dark colors. For my second one I concentrated on whites, glass, and natural specimens. I wish I could live in this one. More and more I want white walls with a little organized chaos.

I used this inspiration to help guide some of my prop selections, color choices and imagery in the projects. You can really see it's influence in the image below, which is the lead image introducing the "Home & Hearth" section.

Hope you liked this peek at some of my inspiration for Stitched Gifts & found something to inspire you!

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  1. Looking good! It looks like a very peaceful place, your inspiration board :)


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