Stitched GIfts: Creative Process & Mood Boards

Stitched Gifts inspiration

I thought it would be fun to share some of the process and inspiration behind Stitched Gifts today, which is being featured on the Etsy blog. Head on over and get your stitch on making an embroidered Message in a Bottle. It's a perfect Valentine's gift.

Before I started making any of the projects or writing, don't laugh at me, I made mood boards. I already had the project ideas outlined, but I wasn't sure what they would look like exactly or what the overall feel of the book would be. I really wanted there to be a visual and conceptual consistency throughout the book, and felt totally overwhelmed. There was just so much to consider- the projects themselves, the photographs, the text, props, styling, and all the details in between. It's a pretty thrilling conundrum though- oh, the possibilities!

To help clam the creative overload I was feeling, one of the designers at Chronicle suggested that I make mood boards to help define how I saw Stitched Gifts looking. I started collecting images of colors, textures, props, lighting, design, and even camera angles I liked. It was an incredibly helpful and fun exercise that allowed me to narrow my focus. It helped inspire and define the visual look for Stitched Gifts.

I looove these images. They are delicious and still inspire me, so I'll be sharing all the mood boards I made throughout the month. I hope they can inspire you to make something too!

Very curious - how do you plan out a big project and turn inspiration into action?

Photo credits (clockwise from the left): color inspiration from Creature Comforts, Honey and Jam, SF Girl by Bay, Young Girl Daguerreotype, Still Life by Amy Merrick, Silhouette portrait by candlelight, star map, vintage chalkboard, paper moon

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