Drawing a finger through wet cement....

Tipping The Scales

I don't know enough
about balance to tell you
how to do it

I think, though,
it's in the trying
and the letting go

that the scales measuring
right and wrong – quiver
and stand still

- Georgia A. Greeley

On a walk in St. Paul my friend stumbled upon this poem etched in the sidewalk, and sent me a pic. I wanted to share it with you, too & then found that it's part of a project called Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk. Residents submitted their poems and the winning poems were stamped into 100 locations throughout the city.

Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk is inspired by the universal, childish desire to draw a finger through tempting wet cement. The project also has higher-minded aspiration. Our public realm, crowded with commercial and regulatory text, could use more poetry. On our modest sidewalks, we hope to create delightful moments of open-air reading, and make public and common the beauty in our hearts as expressed by our poets. Beautiful poetry can be as present and plain as sidewalk, as grass and sky.

See more sidewalk poetry here...


  1. What a simply beautiful idea. Especially liked Naomi Cohn's poem. I'd love to see this idea adopted in Toronto.

  2. I love the Pam Haas one and the Kevin Walker one. Thanks for posting.


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