Etsy Holiday Shop: Embroidered Card Workshop Pt. 2

Etsy in real life + Me!!
Embroidered Card WorkshopTeaching at the Etsy Holiday Shop was a blast.  The shop was insanely cool. No nook was left un-bannered, glittered, decorated and untherwise, Etsyified. There were people letter pressing on the spot, drawing your portrait, creating one of a kind jewelry right in front of you, artists creating all day in the storefront window, workshops all throughout the day, AND music in the evening. I even got to attend The Moth at the shop!

Oh, and did I mention there was a swing? I took it for a spin after my day as a featured artist in the window. Read about it here.

My workshop, Embroidered Cards & Gift Tags, came straight from the pages of Stitched Gifts.  People stitched holiday cards with laurel wreaths and snowflakes.  Some went rouge with hot air ballons and one girl even embellished her backback with embroidery thread.

Definitely get a creative high from teaching, love meeting new people, seeing what they make and sharing my love of making with them.....

Embroidered Card Workshop

Embroidered Card Workshop
They did really good huh?

Thanks to all who came out! & Thanks Etsy! It was such a great time & I'm so honored to have been involved with such a rad project. THANK YOU!!


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