Reasons to encourage a new addiction... stitching, that is.

Been stitching a lot lately. Keeps my mind and hands busy. I love that I can stitch everywhere, even sitting in standstill traffic on the 405 (don't miss CA traffic one bit!).  So if you ever needed a reason to pick up a needle & thread here are a few....

  1. You can stitch just about everywhere. I've stitched while waiting in line at the post office, on a crowed subway car, in an airport in India, car trips long & short, on planes, in bed, and watching movies & horrible tv. 
  2. It's a pretty inexpensive habit. Needle, thread, fabric, hoop? Stitch!
  3. Floss! Seriously, floss. There are so many colors that I'm at once excited & full of anxiety when making a new color palette. Too many to choose from, so many options. 
  4. Making something makes you feel good.
  5. I love giving my hoops as gifts...
Do you stitch everywhere too? OR thinking about taking up embroidery?!


  1. Funny thing, I'm on my way out to buy more embroidery supplies! :}

  2. I love to stitch in the evening, watching tv. Tea, hoop, thread, go!

    1. That's pretty much me too! I love seeing your stitching projects. Being an illustrator must really help you with the pattern making....

  3. I used to and now you got me all exited...


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