Squam + MR giveaway winner....

THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by and shared their favorite scent memory! I really LOVED reading the comments. There's something so nice about sharing our favorite memories.  Even though the giveaway is over you should still read the comments & keep sharing.

Ok, so....The winner is comment 23, Teri S. who shared....
My scent memory? The spicy sweet smell of the rocks I used to climb. It's imbued in my husband's climbing gear. And it's not just the rocks at Carderock. It's the rocks in the region (Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland). Whenever I am lucky enough to be near a rock outcrop, I press my face to the rock and breathe deeply. Ahhh...such wonderful memories!
And my second favorite scent is the scent of very old houses. The houses in Riquewihr, France literally *exhale* the centuries. Exquisite!
Thank you again so much & big thanks to Squam for offering up this sweet treat! The Sweet Forest Sachets are still available but only until August. Hurry!

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  1. Congrats Teri! Great scent memory :)

    Xoxo Sarah


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