A Month of Mail: day 22

a stupid cute sock monkey card....
Day 22

Day 22

My grandmother would make sock monkeys and had an affinity for them. Now, when I see them I think of her and how crafty she was. Lately, I think of her all the time and these cards are a sweet reminder of her and just so stupid cute. Love them! There are a few different, equally goofy pictures. I hope the recipient shares in my love of the ridiculously cute!

Also, I just mailed a bunch of letters. So excited to receive some mail back! Here was my first batch...

Good Mail Day 2

Good Mail day 2
And, the Good Mail I sent out today is going coast to coast and as far as France, Canada, Taiwan and New Zealand.

Now, off to run out to see the Gossip!! dance party!

p.s. More about the A Month of Mail project, a personal challenge to myself to write a letter a day for the month of May, here...

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