three tools

speaking of SAW (see my last post), I also was lucky enough to squeeze in a class called Three Tools. We made these folk tool boxes....

Squam Art Workshops June 2011

I say folk, because mine is real rustic– the seams don't meet up, you can see my pencil marks and some of the nails push out into the bed of the box. These just make me love my tool box more! Next, I want to stain the wood dark.

Squam Art Workshops June 2011

It was fun to make this from start to finish. The teacher, Terri Dautcher, guided us in designing our boxes, showed us the tools and then let us help each other. I designed, picked out the wood, cut, sanded, and constructed the box. I even got to cut the tree branch handle from a fallen tree– that's where I spotted that little frog.

Terri showed us how easy it can be to use simple power tools (jigsaw, sander, drill, hammer). It was empowering to construct something that will last a very long time, be so useful, and handmade!


  1. My father collects these tool boxes as antiques! (Along with doors, doorknobs, oil cans, and tools from the 1800s to early 1900s). It's great to see one made in 2011--and I love the handle :)

  2. Woah ! I'm so jealous ! This is one sexy toolbox, missy !
    x x x


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