lately (best weekend ever)

last, last sunday I had the best weekend ever: waffle brunch, vegan sweets, bike rides to the park, and general layin' about. I didn't work one bit....

best sunday ever!
It seemed like even our bikes were happy, laying back, kissing in the grass...

best sunday ever!
We ate vegan chocolate truffles we got from super foxy sweets who was vending at Vegan Shop-Up.

best sunday ever!

best sunday ever!

best sunday ever!
Seems so nice to read in the park, but the ground was so lumpy and I liked just people watching more...

I want more time and more weekends like this!

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  1. You've got some aceness bikes ! Jeremy's is effin hawt !
    I wanna come and ride my bike with youuuuu !
    x x x


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