summer wish list....

Yesterday, here in NY it was 80 degrees. It's summer time! Um, did we even have a spring though? oh well...

Working from home, I feel a bit cloistered, especially during the winter.  Who wants to go out in that mess if you don't have to? Not me!

But come summer, it's hard to concentrate, hard to stay in and not just take a walk. 

Here's my summer wish list & things I'm just looking forward to:
  • a visit to Herkimer Diamond Mines so I can dig up my own quartz crystals!
  • collecting old trash at Dead Horse Bay
  • Squam Art Workshops: How could I not be excited to teach an embroidery class!!??
  • camping- Know any good places around the NY area?
  • Renegade Craft Fair Brooklyn: If you are in NY June 11 & 12 you better come say hi to me!!
  • lots of bike rides
  • picnics in the park

Reminiscing about last summer...
dexter + buddy lee
visiting home in CA & see my parent's little dogs Dexter & Buddy Lee

renegade la 2010
Getting a mad sunburn &working my Letter Service at Renegade Los Angeles

yellow cat
We rescued this bear of a cat, who now has a great home & new name, Percopious

homemade: brooklyn april 25, 2010
Making little letters at a Shiny Squirrel pop-up shop. So glad to have met Jessica, miss Shiny Squirrel herself & Lisa Butterworth too!

Whats on your summer list?!


    1. you should def check out Phoenicia NY for campgrounds especially if you like tubing. Can't wait for Renegade!

    2. Your blog looks beautiful hunnie! I am so happy I stopped by! Well, Renegade Brooklyn is TOP o' my list this summer & can't wait to stop by and say "hi"!
      ps love your kittie's face & your folks dogs. Such great personalities! xo

    3. Alyce- i must check that place out! I haven't been tubing since I was a wee one & would sooo looove to! thanks...

      Melissa- can't wait to see you again. Renegade is like a reunion, but one you really like to go to!

    4. Oh I have always wanted to go to the Herkimer Diamond Mines too!

    5. @allison - me too! for about 2 summers now I keep saying we'll go. "diamond" mining would be the highlight of this summer...

    6. how ever could you share the secret of dead horse bay!!! it's an inner circle, a secret society! lol


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