The Planet On The Table

for April's National Poetry Month I've been sharing some of my favorite poems....
Installment 10 by Toni Pepe from the series The Gesture of Tradition

The Planet On The Table
by Wallace Stevens

Ariel was glad he had written his poems.
They were of a remembered time
Or of something seen that he liked.

Other makings of the sun
Were waste and welter
And the ripe shrub writhed.
His self and the sun were one
And his poems, although makings of his self,
Were no less makings of the sun.

It was not important that they survive.
What mattered was that they should bear
Some lineament or character,

Some affluence, if only half-perceived,
In the poverty of their words,
Of the planet of which they were part.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A note on the photograph, I went to school with Toni and she is a dedicated, passionate artist. I love her work! I'm like the president of her fan club! You should totally join too...

Hope you are enjoying the poems- I didn't realize I posted them back to back, but I'm really loving pairing the imagery with words....


  1. Gorgeous, poem & amazing photo by Toni too ;)

  2. Thank you, thank you Simone! I love this two things so....


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