NY days & this post (kinda) contains male nudity (NSFW?)


excuse me,

This pic has to be my favorite from the weekend. The towel image itself was shot by my bf's boss, Marcelo Krasilcic for a project with Butt Magazine and American Apparel. The towels always get a good laugh from our guests. You can see more fun pics on Marcelo's blog.

Sorry about the NSFW thingy in the post title. Since I've never posted a nude pic on this blog (even if it's just a representation of it), I thought it'd be wise to warn you a bit. (Aside, in graduate school, a student was told to take down a male nude image in a show where the school's president was to visit. Said show also contained female nude images. So wrong! It's just a penis. So what.)

Anyways, isn't my cousin the cutest!? She works for Lululemon so she's always got the best clothes and she's pretty much the sweetest person ever. I wish my family wasn't so far. I always miss them...

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