Co-Workers in the park + Abuelitas Modernas....

Imagine 50 to 80 degrees, gray and foggy to holy-hell-the-sun-is-out, from working alone everyday inside to creative ladies picnicking in the park.  A few local full time crafty ladies and I met up to Co-Work yesterday.  It was a bit of a debacle at first. We had to move our little picnic out of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, which is a clusterfuck on free Tuesday!  But after we finally settled into a  shady, cherry blossom tree covered area I got some work done. The hoards of screaming kids kept me from feeling the afternoon sleepies too... 

Our little outing reminded me of this group of stitchers. Completely smitten with these ladies, who call themselves the Abuelitas Modernas, or Modern Grandmas.       

Stitching with friends on a roof top in some foreign land.... i want to go there.  Would love to be in their circle of stitchers!! Their roof top scene was far more idyllic than ours was, but I so enjoyed the amazing company!!....    

working in the park, I gotta say, however crazy, was really nice!  AND.... it was Virginia's Birthday - Happy, Happy Day (again)!!


  1. what a wonderful day! Looks like such a great time, hmm...who could I take out to the park and stitch with?

  2. Living on in infamy!

    I'm totally snacking on the leftover dried fruits right now :)

    Let's do this again soon!

  3. Love the pics! That was so much fun!!

  4. Blooming thread- That would be great to find a group of stitchers, or maybe just yourself when ever you like!!

    Michelle- co-workers!!

    Peach Tree- yeah, soon!!

    Kimm, next time you gotta come, if you can sneak away from work!

  5. Oh man what an awesome day! I wish I could have been there!

  6. Hi!!! I'm one of the Abuelitas Modernas, I don't appear in that video but we have met in some parks. It's really funny to share the stitching ;)

    Happy to see Modern Grandma's on the othe side of the ocean!


  7. Hi!!! I've just seen your post! I'm one of the Abuelitas Modernas from Barcelona! It's so nice to knit, crochet... in parks!! Imagine all the world knitting in public parks! ;)
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. Hi Inma & Neus!! SO nice to have you visit my blog! you ladies really inspired me. I hope that there will be lots more crafty lady afternoons.
    keep in touch!


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