stitch by stitch

I get so excited to send out finished pieces. I love the process of finishing and documenting them all together. Thinking about the package being received and the new life the piece will have makes happy & thankful to be able to share my work.

There are a few custom requests here - some with color schemes and design variations. I love the way the gray and soft colors for the Owen piece came out, the orange + green color combo, and the star piece for made for sisters. You guys have great ideas....
I'd love to hear what you guys are working on!?? Any great projects in progress or ideas floating around in your head? They say if you say it it helps you to actually do it....


  1. These are beautiful!

    My main project is collecting various photos, material scraps, and whatever else I find to go in the frames I bought for my living room. (Wish me luck!)

  2. I love all the different colors. The sage and orange really go quite stunningly together.

    Just jewelry and drawing for me :)

  3. Of course I like the grey better ! And the starry one is just darling !
    Amazing collection !

  4. + I'm working on giving ▲under the pyramids▲ some depth (like having nice photoshoots for example).
    And get ready for the market I'm participating to ... In 10 days !! Ack !

  5. i love hearing what you guys are up too! seriously nice.
    KillerB- let me know when you finish. I want to see the project!
    Nix- a new series perhaps. your work is amazing, would love to see your in progress...
    M- you're going to do awesome at your show!!! planning photoshoots? that can be lots of fun...


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