happy weekend...

sunday brunch
My favorite, most inspiring finds from this week:
+ inspiring to read about peoples passions in the comments of this Blood Milk post

+ so happy for my friend Katrina who I just learned is one of PDN's 30 of 2011! woot woot!

+ Liz Kuball's post about doing what you love, Regardless, made me feel inspired about making.

+ this Modish post helps with my struggle dealing with distractions

+ I requested tickets to go to a Martha Stewart show taping with a few friends. so excited to see the Queen of Craft do her thing in person!

+ fell in love with Jónsi & Alex. You must watch the videos!! Can you imagine your own outdoor garden to cook in complete with a little bunny?

+ always inspired, & maybe a bit smitten with, Mr. Sagmeister. His Ted video got my wheels turning. I've really been needing some space from my work in order to have a fresh start and new ideas.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! Any great finds from your week or awesome weekend plans?
I hope I get to see the Armory show and finish up a bunch of embroidery projects...
around the house


  1. i am super psyched about checking out your links! i think i am sharing your struggle with making free time. "time off" for me right now is chilling in front of a movie while i sign prints. it's so hard to set everything away.

    always always love for jonsi and alex. <3

    have a great weekend!

  2. thanks hollie! you should be so proud of yourself!! love seeing your work in books & on etsy.... & yes, jonsi and alex are adorable and so talented...


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