Valentine's Day sweet treats

Valentines Gift Box, originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.
Homemade + Handmade...

My friend, Nicola runs Kiki's Baklava, where she makes the best baklava anywhere! It's her families traditional recipe all the way from Greece. I've teamed up with her to create the sweetest and most personal Valentine gift box, her baked deliciousness + my Message in a Bottle.

I'm really excited to collaborate with her and make some lovely valentines... Right now we are taking pre-orders and offering a special price. You can find them here!
Valentines Gift Box

Valentines Gift Box


  1. I love nohting more than a collaboration between aceness people. That ones sounds pretty rad !
    Eeek !
    x x x

  2. lady M you are always so nice! thanks!!

  3. What a great idea! So much more interesting than conventional valentine gifts.


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