a giveaway....

UPDATE 11/5: The Winner... Susan of Joey Five Cents (for the giveaway 10.26 - 11.2 Giveaway!)thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions!! i really, really appreciate you!! wish i could send something to everyone of you...

a little giveaway... for my Facebook Fans!
Just "like" Miniature Rhino on Facebook and leave me a comment here to let me know.  Also tell me what you'd like to see in the MR shop for the holidays then you'll be entered to win this little Book & Letter Hybrid.  It includes vintage papers, lots of details, a hand stitched binding, and a pocket in the back for mailing a CD or photos.  It's a book made to be mailed, so there are flaps that flip over the book, so you can seal it up like an envelop after writing your message.  You can read all about the details of the book design here and see the book you'd win below...

I'd love to send you something nice. I pride myself on sending Good Mail.  and always add little paper extras and I will make this one special for sure. Seriously, who doesn't like getting little packages like this...

what: win a book & letter hybrid
when: 10/26 - 11/2
how: "like" Miniature Rhino on Facebook & leave a comment here letting me know. Also tell me what you'd "like" (i amuse myself) to see in the MR shop for the holidays
and: don't forget to leave your email or some way to be in touch if you win!



  1. I feel like this mighta been my package, because I have that pin on my bag and still love that monkey card! I know I am so late on your pen pal club but at least let me send you something fun sometime...address??

  2. I still can't "like" MR on Facebook ... For the life of me !!!
    It's so very frustrating >___<

    But I sure like you in real life !
    Tonsahugs !
    x x x

  3. jessica, i know this may sound very commercial, but have you ever considered some classic holiday embroidery?Something like embroidered wreaths, words like "ho ho ho" or "let it snow".
    Also, a customized message in a bottle service with some holiday themed charm on the bottle may be neat as well.


  4. mollie, love the idea of a holiday message in a bottle!! thanks!

  5. I officially 'like' you on facebook.

    I am just smitten with the butterfly pins, so I might suggest more of the same? In a different size or different text? To be honest, I will probably continue to buy them either way ;)

  6. I had already liked your facebook but I left a message anyways! Thanks for the chance! This giveaway looks awesome!

  7. what a beautiful giveaway and thankfully i've been a facebook fan for awhile! :) i love your beautiful creations and yes, you do package well ;)

    i think the idea for customized message in a bottle service with a holiday charm is a fabulous idea!

    embroidered husband/boyfriend hankie?


  8. Alas, I'm not a Facebooker and I'll never be. Antisocial, maybe, but I'm more for a different kind of socialisation. I like you and your creations all the same!! I am a great fan of your stuff and I'm sure I'll have another chance to win something sometimes. ;-)
    For the holidays: I'd love to see some embroidered greeting cards, with envelope and such. Traditional with a twist.
    Best thoughts!

  9. I "like" you on FB...but have for a while.

    You should do embroidered wreaths for Christmas, gift tags, pins themed for the holidays, and cards.

  10. I can't 'like' you on facebook, it won't let me view your page. :-( Your a true inspiration of mine. I found your website whilst researching for my final major project in my last year of uni. I loved your tactile style so much that I incorporated a little into my book project. I created a scrap book type project that documented the 70days my boyfriend was in Afghanistan. Each page represented a day he was away and I sewed our letters in between pages.
    I've become quite fond of all things handmade.
    thank you

    Kayleigh Reynolds

  11. Well I "like" just about everything in your shop! But if I was to pick something it would be the cabinet of curiosities or the zodiac pieces as my favorites. For the holidays I would love to see some holiday themed embroidery used as ornaments. Not the traditional stuff but your take on it.

  12. PS : I wanted to add that an embroidered holly branches wreath would be pretty darn cute for Xmas ...

  13. I already 'like' you so this is easy. I LOVE the books that you make with the vintage papers- and how they're culled from different sources. I look forward to your cabinet of curiosities listings and love the things that you put together in the little bottles that work so well. I also would like to see more of your etched 'found' vintage bottles-

    Would love to get a MR package....

  14. I just liked you on facebook! Everything you make is so cute! I'd love to see more cabinet of curiosities! Those are my favorite!


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