how i spent the last month....

....or my recent disappearance by jessica marquez

i went to CA for about a month to participate in the Renegade Craft Fair LA.  it was a good excuse to go home and be with my family for awhile.  i found myself working a lot there to prepare for the show and finish up some existing orders.  don't think me a workaholic though i did spend copious amounts of time lounging in my parents backyard, cuddling little fat chihuahuas, baking in a kitchen that is heaven to me - space and proper/fancy utensils, and eating all that i baked.  a month seems like a long time, but it went by so fast.  my grandma always says "it'll feel like a dream" and it does.  some sad things have happened of late so NY seems lonelier and even quite with out my family and these guys around....

my parents other children.....

dexter + buddy lee, originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.

renegade la.... MR coast to coast....

going through my stuff at home i found this old floppy disc. how ironic - my application to a technology school on a floppy! hah!!

do you remember these?, originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.

my little cousin alex & i at lego land.  (see the lego rhino?)  this place is a trip. i felt like i was in a B movie on all these rides made for very little wee ones with everything made of legos.  alex was soooo incredibly into it - made me happy too....

Lego Land...., originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.

some work i made too... a wedding piece for the ring bearer.  i loved stitching it and am thinking of adding it to the shop. AND something fun, pieces for the ETSY CRAFT NIGHT AT THE SEAPORT that i'll be leading.  really excited about it and hope you nyer out there will join me there.

rebecca + benjamin, originally uploaded by miniature.rhino.

Etsy Craft Night at the Seaport


  1. These new pieces are so sweet! I have to tell my sis about them, she'll love them! Oh, and the photography is perfect, Jessica!

  2. Great pics! Everything is looking awesome this summer!!!

  3. welcome back!! love the pics and all your creations

  4. oh man, I love the floppy disc grad school app...that made my day

  5. thanks for the warm welcome back!

    megan- yeah, it's special right? a little technology nostalgia....


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