happy birthday mathyld!!
meet Harley Queen!

j and i were lucky enough to spend some time with mathyld on our insanely short trip (only two days!) in paris. mathyld was so kind she let us stay with her,  feed us delicious things like yummy teas from her mom's shop and homemade cupcakes, and showed us around the city. we were so beat from travels in india and nepal that mathyld's hospitality and friendship was the perfect end to our trip. her apartment is in the heart of paris, full of old charm, just amazing and so very comfortable. i only wish it could have stayed longer... next time!

i'd totally stalk her...

hope you're having an amazing day mathyld!!! wish i could celebrate with you, but since i can't (damn ocean!) i thought time to look through some pictures....
happy birthday!!


  1. OH! What an incredibly wonderful thing! You two together in Paris, no less? I adore Mathyld! She is the sweetest lady and I adore these shots of her in her glamorous black and heels! Just perfect! Happy Birthday darling M, if you are reading this and thanks for sharing hun!

  2. what great pics jessica! i'm so glad you shared them - she can be so shy about sharing pics of her amazing self and her flat!!

  3. hello drucilla & melissa!
    oh, now i'm worrying. i hope she will not be mad that i posted these....

  4. holy wow! what amazing photos!

    and where oh where did she get that adorable porcupine teapot!!!?


    I so hate pics of myself and my kitchen makes me so sad ...........

    But thanks for the sweet words. I miss you big time.
    I'm feeling all teary now ...
    x x x

    PS : Danielle, my mum get me this teapot for last Xmas it comes from her tearoom. In Provence ...

  6. oh, mathlyd you are a pretty, pretty lady for sure and your home is lovely, my Parisian dream home!

  7. Wow, Mathyld! You are such a hottie and your apartment is beautiful! Hope you had a happy birthday!

  8. oh, yes, mathlyd... you and your apartment are swoonably lovely!

    i would love to buy one or two of those adorable porcupines... is this possible? i've search high & low on the internet and haven't been able to find anything about it...

    thank you for sharing your loveliness with us!
    happiest anniversary of your birth!


  9. Oh Mathyld! All the black shoes at the door :)

    Looks like a lovely stay!!


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