no longer empty

on my visit to governors island today i rode bikes - for free! and stumbled across the exhibition the 6th borough,  by No Longer Empty, an organization that creates public art exhibitions in vacated storefronts and properties in nyc.    the show was spread out in a few homes.  since the island was once a military base there are many buildings and last year these were all just locked up and empty.  i remember peeking in the windows and wanting so badly to explore.  so it was fun to take a look around the houses and see art in this unexpected domestic setting.

my favorite was a room full of paper cut outs of cats, bats, gofers, monkeys and butterflies.  cute explosion! i like things that show a process and extraordinary effort - and this did!  each image came from a 2-d book and was cut so that it would come off the page in 3-d and there had to be layers of housands and thousands of cut outs.  the roof was completely covered in hanging bats!!



  1. i am amazed! in awe. this must have been the best exploration!!

  2. Wow, this is really cool! Love the butterflies.

  3. This looks incredible, what a great way to use empty space!


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