bespoke: an item custom-made to the buyer's specification.

much of the work i do is custom, made to order embroidery.  not sure how it happened really. i went school for photography and thought i'd be a teacher.  i embroidered my families DNA as part of my thesis project and it's just become part of my daily life since.  never, never  would have imagined that, but it suits my obsessive nature, and my insane love for detail.

so here i am embroidering for a living.  it's without a doubt one of the dumbest business models.  ever.  (i'm half joking, half crying.) these little stitches take for-ever and all the other things involved- cutting fabric, creating and transferring the pattern, and mounting the embroidery- are equally time consuming. and then there is (trying!) to manage a small business....  it's all kinds of frustrating (and i know, i know also rewarding too, to be your own boss and such, but this is a pouty kind of post).

which brings me back to bespoke work. learned the word from becky of sweetie pie press, who mentions it here.  so i am behind on my custom embroidery orders. i am always behind and always will be, by the very nature of the this kind of work.   i wish very much to cross off many things on my to-do list and here are some i can proudly check off (and sorry for those who are kindly waiting):


  1. I'm sorry they're so hard to get to. We got ours for Adams birthday perfectly on time Friday and he loves it. And I love it! Thanks so much for making such a great heirloom piece. They really are stunning up close and personal.


  2. so so glad it arrived on time for Adam's birthday! thanks so much for letting me know and for the nice words - perfect for this post!

  3. your work is always beautiful and amazing. you should be so incredibly proud of what you're doing! i had a pouty moment on friday when my 9 to 5 friends were so excited about a three day weekend and i was just starting a weekend to-do list. :p

  4. harith_hiliza@yahoo.comJuly 7, 2010 at 6:04 AM

    i think you and what you do are so inspiring. it does look difficult but that aside, everything else is just lovely. all the very best to you!

  5. LOVE! Is that "home sweet home" piece is a new regular item in your shop? If not, it should be! ;)

  6. Wiffykins...
    Man...I have to get a better nickname!


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