spent a nice long weekend in boston, with a short stop over in maine.  museums, flea markets, thrift shops and lots of eats & sweets were enjoyed.  i love my friend toni's cats. otie is the cubbie love bug and oliver is super playful and sweet.  i'd never seen a cat play fetch before and oliver was playing with a little straw. he'd drop it at your feet, wait for you to throw it, catch it and run back with it in his mouth & do it again. is your heart melting yet.... if not look at this: 

(perhaps i should give up this MR thing and start a pet portrait studio....)


  1. Beautiful kitties! My tortie plays fetch - such a crack up! She brings me "toys" (my hair bands) to throw for her and then brings them back to me. :P

  2. Haha that cat is too cute! It looks just like mine but with much fatter cheeks!


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