the shadow club

continuing a project that I've been working on for years now, collecting memory. it started with my thesis project, and has been in the background for awhile now. so i started another etsy shop, the shadow club, for projects such as this and for a few things jeremy and I have been day dreaming about making. since it's a collaborative project, you & I, he & I, it's kinda a club....

the card above is on a library card catalog card and it will be put into my 42 drawer vintage library catalog, one of my very prized possessions (you know one that needs a home, call me!).  i have hundreds and hundreds of similar cards written by myself and many others.  to continue the project i need more participants.  you send me your address & i'll mail you cards with instructions and return postage. you fill them out, return them and then become part of my archive.  it's anonymous, fun (right?) and pretty much art homework.

you can read more about it and see some collected cards here


  1. I just went over and bought the first set of cards... i cant stop thinking about what ill write on them!

  2. i would love to participate

    natschof at gmail dot com

    that card catalog is awesome.

  3. i just read about this over at enhabiten, it sounds like a really interesting and beautiful project. i'd love to contribute, may i?

  4. kelly, mathyld - thanks , thanks!

    nath- of course send me your address via an email to hello(at)miniaturerhino(dot)com

  5. it is brilliant. i saw these on flickr, and was immediately taken by them.

    i'm in.


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