sunday summary

+ embroidered paper is good

+ baby steps, but the tangent got me excited about starting

+ listen please. jonsi of sigur ros at wnyc

+ science is mind blowing! a star explosion that lasted months. whoa...

+ late night crafting throughout the week & crafting with the company of cats...


  1. 1/ I WANT to make a globes-mobile ! Love, want, need !
    2/ I eat this cat ! Cutest face ! Who's that ?
    3/ Science is sekkksy !
    x x x

  2. mathyld-
    1. i know! the globes are really why i posted this picture.

    2. the cat is mr. buggles (or mrs. i can't remember) and the tongue thing is just how it it. so cute!

    3. indeed.

    like you!


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