people are so damn...

creative. i love it.

i wish i could have taken part in trade school - a barter for education project that took place for about a month in nyc.  people taught some really interesting diverse classes like; composting, business, performance, bookmaking, and "baudrillard camp" in exchange for say, "music recommendations", food, "bounty paper towels", a "basic photography lesson" or "indigo fabric".

i like the idea of sharing, not only your interest and passion, but your skills in a community setting.

i found this project via kickstarter (which is another great idea in itself) where you can donate to the cause and help them find another location to continue the project.

see their past classes here. do it! it's really fun to click through the classes and see what the instructors requested in exchange for the class.

humm. what class would you take? what would you have traded? or even, taught!?

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