my new obession....

Cassia & Cinnamon, originally uploaded by FotoosVanRobin.
..cinnamon tea. in india i drank cinnamon tea for the first time and my mind was blown, so for v-day my boo got me some and i'm drinking it as i write this. it said to me, "i'm so good. go write a blog post about it." and here i am....

it was interesting to learn in my internetting that cinnamon in sanskrit means "skin" as in the skin of the tree it is peeled from. (it was also referenced as an "edible wood". is that funny to anyone else but my inner 14 year old self?) it has all kinds of reported medicinal uses, from soothing toothaches to aphrodisiac, but all i know is that it makes the best tea...


  1. I love cinnamon! :)
    what sort of tea is it? any particular brand?

    by the way, I love stopping by your blog... I'm taking a little break from mine this month and it's been extra refreshing reading blogs like yours, so thank you!

  2. Wow ! I didn't know cinnamon tea could speak, too ...
    My "Green Moutain" (strawberry & rhubarb) tea does that all the time ! That's why I keep mentioning it everywhere :)

    x x x

  3. now i smell cinnamon! i will be heading to india later this year so i like hearing about your trip.

  4. it is not for a while, but we are going to mumbai for my brother-in-laws wedding and then probably traveling south from there. i would love to see more photos and i am sure i will have questions once we get more in the planning stage.

  5. tabitha- that's really nice to know. thanks! also the tea came from a new shop here in china town. i don't know the name. it's a rooibos tea, no caffeine, amazing scent!

    mathyld- your tea is a contender for best tea ever. i drank it like everyday when we first got back. we
    might have to place an order soon!

    stephaine renee- i love your jewelry! and glad to find your blog. so india? where? if you have questions or anything let me know- i'd be happy to help....

  6.'re not the only one with an inner 14 year old (snort). :)

    I'm such a black tea lover, but I'm so interested in your new tea! I did get some rhubarb vanilla black tea (Ikea) for my birthday and it has me wanting to wear the tea ball around my neck it smells so good!


  7. what fun! i love the photos. i'm addicted to cinnamon, period. :)

  8. You should try apple cinnamon tea! I love it!


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