a little thank you...

my sweet friend vanessa came over a while back to help me. she also took some photos while i worked. more here. the one above is my favorite, because it shows my crazy cuttlered little bedroom/workspace. i can't wait to have a dedicated studio space!! and look how the bug takes over. he is forever where i need to be.

i've also been wanting to thank the nice people who write nice little blog post about my work and share links to their sites. here are a few from a week or two past. click the image to be interneted into more things to look at....
Black Eiffel- some constellation inspiration there is some crazy good photography on green wedding shoes!
swimming with the stars- i learned of mothology from her. dangerous. great finds!lara is a nice etsyian who features lots of other makers, and she was just featured in the storque in the regular feature, quit your day job. she had great tips. read it here.

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  1. congratulations on all the wonderful features! I always love seeing other chaotic work spaces...then I don't feel so distressed about my mine!

    Lovely blog - so glad I stumbled onto it.


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