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Globe, by Rachel Hulin

"Lately, I’ve been making quiet still-lifes in the houses and spaces where I grew up. Globe is one of these images. The globe was an item I begged for as a child. I often had whimsical notions of items I'd like to own—one year I was absolutely nuts for an electric toothbrush. The globe is extra special because it's also a lamp. Now it sits in the room I stay in when I visit my parents' house and is always plugged in and glowing when I arrive, right next to my field hockey trophy from high school. I've been thinking about making this image for years and I'm pleased to have it now." - Rachel Hulin

I can relate to this, to the comfort of things and small actions of kindness. i have a whole room of things back in my old room CA, not to mention how good coming home feels. You can buy this beautiful image here at 20x20, which has some very reasonable prices for limited edition art, and visit rachel's website here.


  1. Your photos and all of your work is beautiful!! I would love to write about you over on my little blog.. Would it be okay to show some of your pictures?

  2. LMD- the photo in this posting is not mine, but feel free to use others, but please link me and send me a note!

  3. Yes, will definitely note the source and link to your site.
    Thanks, I'll let you know!


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