for mon petit fantome....

my etsy boyfriend....
who showed me an incredible kindness with the gift of this hair piece! its is lovely- feathers, shells and flowers for my messy head. not just this but the paper cut prints below as well. all out of the blue. just because. how amazing are you chad! it made me so happy. many, many kind thanks! see this is why chad is my etsy boyfriend.

I Have Many Secrets The ConjurerII
the titles! find these prints and so much more good stuff at mon petit fantome's shop, flickr, and bloggy blog. but don't even think (including you mathyld) of stealing my boy... i will fight you.

p.s my real life boy insisted that i add that he took the pictures of me above.


  1. Yay!!
    The clip looks super fantastic on you lady!
    Thanks bunches for the sweet words totally deserved those goodies!!

  2. i love your pretty and not overdone....just perfect!
    lovely papercut....great etsy boyfriend :)

  3. I had to buy the 'secrets' print. Gorgeous work. I always wonder, where does one wear one of those fancy hair accessories?

  4. Maria- I gotta tell you the print quality is gorgeous! I'm so glad you got the print. My next project is to get your work framed- i printed them and they are grrreat!!!

  5. Oooh. I can't wait to see them hanging!

  6. Oh my, Jessica this headpiece looks gorgeous on you !!!
    I know you'll win but I'll fight with you in the mud, I have too ... I'm sorry ...

    Kisses to you, Chad & your real-life boyfriend who did a great job with the piccies !
    x x x


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