wax seal rings!

i came across these seal rings from Blind Spot Jewellery (etsy) on their flickr. i am duly impressed. i love creating beautiful mail and often use sealing wax on special packages and letters, so i'd love one of these rings. but which!? they are lovely rings in themselves, but with the utilitarian aspect and old timey charm they are just so crazy good!
and check out their how to on using sealing wax with these rings hereall images via Blind Spot Jewellery


  1. i love these and a huge CONGRATZ on the OU blog mention. you are on fire!!! so well deserved :)

  2. Oooooohhh...I am hearting on these hardcore. I am in love with the rabbit one! Thanks for sharing this.

  3. alyssa, thank you! you too- i see you everywhere and am always so happy to!

    chad, i knew you'd like these! your flame and owl seal are sooo good too!

  4. Oh me oh my !!!
    These are insanely good !
    I covet the "city" one ...

    Oh ! And Chad's owl seal in gorgeous too, indeed :)

    x x x


  5. chad and jessica! i love that we are all online friends {group hug}

  6. Thank you so much for the featuring in your blog!! I am having fun with making these rings and soon I will come up with some new modells too.

  7. The crown! It's got to be the crown, hands down, it's so great


  8. These are great! I am a collector of antique jewelry and I think seal rings are one of my favourite items!
    These are really nice!


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