summer walks...

...while it was sunny last week we took a walk in our neighborhood of crown heights.
ny always has great trash. it makes me so incredibly sad to see so many perfectly useful things just thrown away, especailly books. seeing books in the trash drives me crazy!! plus you find things like this!
it's cat city here! so. many. cats.

photoshoot- what else do you do on your walk, but take pictures in an alley? really. i like how we both made the same pose (in reverse) in our respective images. this may be the first image i've ever posted an image of myself here.... hello there!


  1. so pretty!!!

    It was so nice to see you last weekend:0)

  2. people throw out the best stuff! when i was in college, the art department threw away the most wonderful things...sooo silly. i totally grabbed it all up :) those are great portraits of you and jeremy too!

  3. I've awarded you the 'One Freaking Awesome Blog Award' at!
    - Lindsay

  4. Isn't it awful the things that some people throw away?! I love your pictures. There's a surprising amount of cats around where I live too, I like to think they all get together at night and do mischief!

  5. It's a really nice picture. Non-posed shots are always the best ones.


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